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  1. For the first one, I think was Mu I think that you did very well at the news report so it didn’t sound like a story, but I think you could improve at being pathetic like “1 crumb of chocolate was missing”.

  2. I think these stories are very funny and interesting good job. One of the stories I when Thomas and Callum was fishing and caught a sock. That was really funny!

  3. Mu I liked the language that you used and how it really set a scene in my head and it reminded me of a news report. I also like Jamie’ suggestion using more enthusiasm to make me even more interested.

  4. Hey Emily I really liked your story and how it was really daggy but maybe you could and some more description at the end because it doesn’t make sense at all

    • Useful tips, Amber. I’m glad yoyu mentioned ‘daggy’ – this was the theme of the Creative Writing workshop wasn’t it! Emily is most welcome to write another version for a podcast.

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