As part of our project ‘Thinking Like a Geographer’ we have been using geographical language to describe a place: its features and its location.

Check out this clip.


In your comment, list the geographical features you notice about the place in the clip. Do you know where it is? Have a go at using some location words. You might start with words like these: north, south, opposite, near, far.

EXTRA:  Have you got a favourite location? Can you describe it, using geographical language?


31 thoughts on “SPECIAL PLACES

  1. On the clip I saw long grass, clouds and red sand. I noticed that the sand looks different then the sand I’m used to seeing because I think there is lots of wind blowing around and this puts patterns on the sand. I think this place is close to the desert area because I saw no buildings or other cars or people but there were lots of flies and I think the flies like to be near the desert.

  2. It was called big sky country and its 15 km out of town and sand over there when it was day was bright orange and when it was night it was Gray sand and if you sit still for a long time flies will come and there is lots of creatures.

  3. I think this place is somewhere up north because it looks warm and has red sand. I often go down south which is colder and there is no red sand. “Can we tell Mrs Lockyer the biggest Island is Australia”. My favourite place is Bali it is so far away you have to catch a plane to get there. It is hotter than Perth so you need to travel North to get there. If you go south the further you go the colder it will get.

    • I like how you have noticed the colour of the sand in the place you have visited Chelsea. I also like your idea about hot and cold places on Earth. Can you show us where Bali is located using Google Earth?

  4. I noticed that big sky country was very flat. It had orange sand and long grass. It looked pretty hot. If you stay there too long flies will make a nest on your nose.

  5. I think that this film was made in the desert. It must be North of us because the sand was red. When the sun goes down the sand looks a different colour.

    • I’m glad you noticed the colour of the sand, Evan. Do you think that different locations have different coloured soil and rocks? Maybe you could use Google Earth with your family to check this out.

  6. The place was sandy and looked very hot in the day, but at night it must of been very dark and really cold. I noticed that it was a desert because of the shapes in the sand and because of the colour of the sand too. It was probably northern Australia because of how hot it must be and also I learnt that the closer to the equator the hotter it is unless you are on a high place like a mountain (my Dad told me this).

    • Wow, Charlotte. This is so interesting. Maybe you could use Google Earth with your family and check out any high places or mountains near the equator? Can you do me a favour and tell the class all about the equator at school this week?

  7. I would not like to be there because the flys bugg you and you get frustrated and in deserts there is no water even if you have a drink bottle you might drink all the water.

  8. I searched Windoarh on Google earth and found out it is in the eastern part of Australia in the state of Queensland and it looks like a desert as it is all brown. In the clip I heard it was 15 km out of town. During sunset everything’s quiet exept for the breeze and flies, the sand turns orange when the sun is high and at sundown it looks rusty but is still warm. The wind paints ripples across the face of the sand dunes. I now know its desert country in the eastern part of Australia.

  9. The place in the clip looked like it was in the desert. The red dust or sand made it seem like it was in the north of Australia. There are always loads of flies up north! Mum and I googled where Windorah is. We found out it is in the central west of Queensland and it means BIG FISH in Aboriginal.

  10. In the clip the wind was making wriggly lines in the sand and it was moving the sand around and it made patterns. So beautiful and colorful especially at sunset.

  11. I looked up Windorah on Google Earth and found that it is in the East of Australia and south of the state of Queensland and I think its a desert because it looks all brown. In the clip I heard that it is 15 Km out of town. During sunset its very quiet except for the breeze and the flies and its called the bug sky country. The sand turns orange when the sun is high and at sundown it looks rusty but still warm. The wind paints ripples across the face of the sand dunes. Now I know this is a desert as its hot, far from town and has sand dunes.

  12. I saw the sand had ripples from the wind blowing over it. I saw long grass also that was swaying in the wind. I learnt if you sit still enough the flies will come on you and make them selves at home. I think its in the hot parts of Australia, because it looked very hot there.

  13. In the clip I saw orange sand and a beautiful sunset. It looked like a desert. There were many flies in the area.
    My favourite location is Applecross park. It is 1km north from my house. It has green grass, a sandy playground and it is next to Swan River.

  14. I saw dry red sand. There are not many trees and plants. It looks like a desert. There were lots of flies. I didn’t see any water.

  15. I saw orange sand in the day and rusty sand at night. At sunset there are purple clouds following the wind’s direction. Lots of trees swaying to and thro. It’s called Big Sky Country.

  16. It looks sandy, has nice sunsets it has trees. If you stand as still as a statue the flies will get on you.

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