What fruit would you like to put on top of your breakfast yoghurt?  Design your perfect recipe.  Tell us which fruits you would use on your yoghurt and why. Think about the health benefits! Use the website we read in class to design our Mothers’ Day Breakfast menu. You may need the help of your parent to read the website and work out the meanings of some of the vocabulary used when describing the health benefits of fruits.

EXTRA: Write down your recipe, telling us how much you would need of each ingredient.  If you are able, make your fruit yoghurt and take a photo of it. Email it to Ms Lockyer.


  1. On my breakfast yoghurt I want apple kiwi fruit and strawberry.I needed some help to pick my fruit because I couldn’t make my mind so I asked my Mum for help.

  2. I chose blueberry because it has low fat, good fibre, saturated fat free, sodium free, cholesterol free and good vitamin c.

  3. My recipe is : yoghurt and one small spoon of honey and some dried cranberries and some fresh cranberries. Cause dried cranberries protect your body from harm. Fresh cranberries have lots of vitamin c and fibre.

  4. super yogurt this what I put in my yogurt apple strawberries dried apricot almonds banana mango and watermelon

  5. On my breakfast yogurt I would have passion fruit and pineapple. Because I like to have it and my mum likes it. Both of these fruits are fat free, low in salt, and are high in vitamin c. Healthy and delicious.

  6. I chose yoghurt with strawberries because they have no fat, saturated fat free, sodium free, cholesterol free, high in vitamin C, high in folate. I like strawberries because they are nice. well that what I think.

  7. I chose mango and kiwifruit for my yoghurt topping. I love mango because it is juicy and yummy. It has vitamin C and low in fat and salt. Kiwifruit is rich in potassium and vitamin E.

  8. I made my yoghurt by putting 4 scoops of plain Greek yoghurt and 3 big spoonfuls of chopped up grapes,peach,pears and pineapples.

  9. I did apple and rockmelon yoghurt because that was the fruit we had in the house. Then Mum and I went on the website and found out that Apple is fat free, no salt, and good source of fibre. Rockmelon is fat free, low in salt, high in vitamin a And c and a good source of folate.

    • Great recipe jasmine. I like how you used the fruit you had in the house already. The rockmelon sounds like a good idea – it’s one of my favourites. Thanks for sending in the photo too!

  10. I have some yoghurt and I put in it some apple, some banana, some strawberry and five raspberries. It will taste good. It is good for you as it has no fat and lots of vitamins. It also has a lot of fibre.

  11. I like strawberries and bananas on my yogurt. They are both yummy and have vitamin C. This is good because it can help to keep colds away.

  12. My favorite yoghurt recipes include 1 sliced banana with a small drizzle of honey over the top and the other is with 1/4 cup of blueberries. Both contain vitamin C and bananas are a great source of fibre and potassium.

  13. I want to put mango and passionfruit in my breakfast yogurt. Mango is my choice because tastes yummy and also it is low fat, saturated fat free sodium free, high in vitamin A and good source of vitamin C. My Dad chose passionfruit because he likes the crunchy seeds and it is fat-free, cholesterol free, very low in calories, and fibre.

  14. I would make an apple yoghurt because you can’t buy that flavour in the shops and I think it would be delicious!

  15. I got my mum to help me look up the benefits of all the ingredients in my breakfast yoghurt. My recipe is natural yoghurt (for calcium – to help my bones and teeth stay strong) strawberries, blueberries, apple and banana because I like these fruits. We found out that Strawberries have vitamin C and folate (iron) which is good for fighting colds and keeping you full of energy. Blueberries, have vitamin C and Fibre which helps you to go to the toilet. Apples which are high in fibre and Bananas which are high in Vitamin C and Potassium which helps the body with regulating water and mineral balance in the body.

  16. I like to have watermelon and orange on top of my yoghurt for breakfast. Watermelon is rich in vitamin A which is good for our eyes, while orange is rich in vitamin C which is good for my growth and development. What a healthy way to start my day.

  17. Dear Class
    I really enjoyed reading about your choices and the reasons for them – some great research! I’m hungry, now, since reading about all those yummy and healthy foods!
    Well done.
    Ms Provis

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