Get your family involved in this challenge. Follow this link to make a Bingo Baker for addition and subtraction.  Think of some clues you could ask them – it’s a good idea to write down your clues first, so you are well organised. If you are playing with more than one family member, remember that they will be able to get their own unique Bingo Baker board, with different numbers from anyone else. Don’t forget to explain how to get ‘Bingo!”   

Extra challenge: use Bingo Baker to design your own board to practise addition and subtraction facts. Print it out, send us the link, or even create your own QR code for the board!

Extra extra challenge: use Bingo Baker to design a board for a younger brother, sister, cousin or friend. Write down your clues. Have fun doing your Bingo game with them.

Leave a comment here to tell us how you went. Also, tell us your easiest clue and your most difficult clue you created.

19 thoughts on “BINGO BAKER

  1. Hi mrs Lockyer ,tonight my family and I played bingo baker. I have to think to do harder ones for mum and dad. Jensen was paired up with daddy because we only have two iPads . I used addition ,subtraction and times. For the first game we had a tie. Jensen won twice and mummy won once. It was fun.

  2. Hi Mrs Lockyer, Dad and I played Bingo baker. Mum wrote the questions and they were hard like 4 squared equals 16. so let me tell you the hardiest question was 4 squared. The easiest was 10 take away 2. I won by one square.

  3. I played this with my Dad, he was a bit confused at the start but got the hang of it. I won so we will have to play again!

  4. Hi Ms Lockyer, I played Bingo baker with mum tonight & also my sister. When I played with mum she called out hard questions for me to answer & when I played with my sister I did the questions. My sister was a bit impatient after a while because I was taking too long thinking up the questions.

  5. We played bingo it went good😄😄😊😊. Mummy had to answer 20 Questions to get Bingo. I wrote minus and plus question. I wrote my a Questions away from my mum because she was doing the Bingo. I felt happy.

  6. I had fun playing Bingo baker with my dad. I gave him hard subtraction sums but he knew them already. So I gave him a little harder sums I thought he did not know.

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