Last week our class performed in the CPA for the Junior `School Assembly. Help us to evaluate our Assembly performance. Follow the link below and complete the P.M.I. form. ¬†PMI = Plus, Minus, Ideas. We use this thinking tool often on our class. Complete the PMI cells in the columns next to your name. You do not need to put anything in anyone else’s row.


Read what the other classmates have done for their PMI. If you spot a great idea, leave a comment here.

19 thoughts on “OUR ASSEMBLY

  1. Plus I did great in my speech at the assembly.

    Minus I accidentally made a mistake in my speech

    Idea we should of had pants with a letter on it

  2. We all did good in the Assembly. i’m inprested with my dancing scils because MRS Mano and MRS Adams said is that Austin and it was me.

  3. Sorry couldn’t make edits in the spreadsheet.

    Plus : it was good that no one was dancing silly at the back when we turned around.

    Minus : it was bad that we couldn’t spell read with our t shirts.

    Idea : at the end we should face the audience and take a bow. Not finish with the dance.

  4. plus I was a great leader in the dance.

    minus The D on my top was scratching me.

    idea We could have lined up so you could see us all, by making sure that everybody has a window.

  5. Plus: we all looked great in our outfits.
    Minus: My Dad couldn’t come and watch because he had to go to work.
    Idea: could someone film the assembly so the parents that can’t come can watch on the blog?

  6. The most exciting part of the assembly was turning our backs and doing dance moves and waving books around.
    Dad’s comment – books are to read Charlotte and not wave around for fun.

  7. Plus – I loved the dance moves we did at the performance.
    Minus – The Kindy classes did not get to watch our dance
    Ideas – We should perform our dance again for the Kindy classes

  8. What a great Blog!
    Your performance sounded wonderful and I was sorry to have missed it. I like the idea of the Year 2’s performing it to the Year 1’s.
    Love Ms Garwood

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