The Beebots arrived in our class today and we have designed some missions.
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Tell us how to improve a mission
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22 thoughts on “BEEBOTS!

  1. My favourite mission was make a race-track. Because it was fun when we did. I improved the mission by helping my friends get it right. I have a mission that is really funny so you get all the beetles and make them go under all the tables in one try yesterday we tried it the beetle did not make it. It was so close we just did not make it.

    • Wow Kanin, it sounds like you worked as a real team, not just as individuals. Have you got any tips for people who are having trouble with this? I also think the ‘Under The Table’ mission could be fun and challenging. Let me know if you have any more ideas.

  2. my favourite mission was to make a maze on mission number 3 and make a race track mision number 4.we mybe we could instead skip mission number two because we could make it a bit harder by making a maze straight away so we make our brains hurt mission is mission 5 make your music dance to the music of a dance and we need to see two diffrent patterns.

    • Zoey, you are making me think that I could perhaps modify Mission 2, or make a video to explain how to extend your skills by doing it. Your ideas for the dance mission are great. Getting the audience to spot the two different patterns would be wonderful.

  3. My favourite mission was mission 3 because my group made the best maze even Mrs Lockyer said. We can improve a mission with the group leader waiting for the people in he’s group. We can design clean up robot we can put a ruler on he’s mouth and put 7 glue sticks in front of he and press forward 5 times and get a box to put all the glue sticks in then you have made clean up robot!!!

  4. My favourite mission was to make a race track. To improve mission 3 you could make a harder maze so it could nearly be impossible to get through so no one can cheat. Maybe another mission could be to put all the beebots at one line and make them go into an obstacle course.

  5. My favourite mission was number 3 – Make a Maze because it was interesting to create a maze. If I needed to improve this mission I would suggest that we connect both mission 3 & 4 together. It would be fun to solve the maze and then end up on a race track racing against another Beebot.

    My mission design would be an obstacle course my obstacle course will have falling down piles partially closed passageway

    • Great idea to combine with two missions Tom. I also think the obstacle course would be great to do. Maybe an obstacle course could be designed for Frankie Sphero also?
      Ms Lockyer

  6. My favourite mission was the race because it was fun improve working to together and which Bee Bot was going to win. My second favourite was under the table race. Because it was like its going to cash its going to crash and it does crash. My third favourite was making the Bee Bots dance I got my dance from Walts.

  7. I have a new idea for a mission. You make a maze out of dominoes and try to get the Beebot through the maze without knocking down the dominoes. You make 3 entrances for the maze and verse each other to see who gets to the finish line first.

  8. My favourite mission was mission four.
    A new mission could go like this we, make pipe clear hands and a pencil in it, then we put the beebot on a piece of paper, then we program it to draw a picture.

  9. My favourite mission
    Was mission four because me and Tom were racing but he won because it was his race track.
    But the new mission I thought of was make a ramp.

  10. My favorite was mission 4 – make a racetrack.we could make it better by creating a tricker track for the bee bots to race. A new mission to get them to help on my basketball team so we could win would be great but I would have to work out how to make the bee bots go faster.🏀🏀🏀🏀

  11. I liked mission 3 because it would be challenging for us to make the maze and also be fun to see the beebot go through the maze. I think we can improve mission 2 and make the counters far away from each other. My new mission is to see if some of the students from our class can win against the other classes in racing beebots.

  12. I like mission 1 because it helps people learn how to use the beebots when they don’t know what to do when they are playing.

  13. My favorite mission is to create a maze. The beebots can get lost in the maze. If the beebots cannot be found they will have to smash their way out. If they cannot get out or are not found they will starve to death.

    The maze should be easier so that the beebots do not get lost.

    I would make the beebots fly into space in a rocket.


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