Did you spot the ‘TechFail’ moment in Blocky’s movie? Stormie sad the answer was 1/4. What do you think the question might be? In your comment, tell us as many possible questions as you can think of.

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  1. I listened to the clip and these are all my answers for this blog.
    1. a pizza cut it in half and cut that half in half again and you get _______?
    2. 15 minutes are also know as _______of an hour?

  2. Maybe the question was: what is half of a half? Or another one is: what is 1 fourth of a whole? What’s the probability that I choose a blue marble from a bag with two red marbles, one yellow marble and one blue marble?

  3. One of my answers is what is half of a half?
    If I cut a pizza in four pieces what would one piece be called?
    What would two 1/8 be called ?

  4. Hi Ms Lockyer
    i spotted your tec fail i think one of the questions Blocky could say is what is a quarter of one hour? A ;15 mins
    no.2 if you had a pizza with 24 pieces what is the quarter.
    A; 6 pieces ( 6×4=24
    no.3 if you had 20 popsticks what is the quarter?
    A; 5 ( 5 x 4= 20)

    are you going to make another BLOCKYS QUIZ SHOW? are you going to put in your favourite answer from the comments and put it in your new show?

  5. If 4 people shares 1 whole and they each got how much would they get?
    what’s half of half?
    If three people have 1/4 each how much is left?

  6. one of these questions might be the first question that blocky asked space trooper but all of these could be wrong if you have a orange and you cut it in half then you cut the halfs in half what fraction is each peace ‘ one carrot four people cut four qurters how meany quarters does each person have

  7. I think the questions could be If you had to share a cake between 4 people how much would each of them get?
    if you have three quarters and you take away a half what do you have left?

  8. The first question is
    Find a quarter of this recipe
    We need;
    4g of flour,
    28 Teaspoons of sugar,
    4g of water,
    4g of butter,
    And 40 choco flakes,
    This and down doesn’t matter at all only if you want to make this recipe,with no longer you have to wait let’s go!
    Stir for 5 mins until moist,
    Then pour in any moulds leave in fridge for 3 mins and.Mmm so yum

  9. If you have a building in minecraft and you split it into four pieces then each piece = ___________

    If you had a cake and cut it into 8 pieces and eat 2 pieces, how much of the cake have you eaten?

    If you had 4 pieces of chocolate an eat 3 of them, how much of the chocolate is left?

  10. 1. I had part of a bar of soap. After one week, I had used half of what I had. At the end of the second week, I found out that I had used 1/8 of a bar of soap and that the soap had been used all up. How much soap did I originally have?
    2. I invited 11 children do a party. We shared 3 pizzas equally. How much pizza did each child get?

  11. It could be 1/2 take 1/2 (1/2 of a 1/4).

    Q. If Chelsea Smith had one pie, she ate half of it and then gave half of the remaining pie to Mia, how much does she have left?

    A. 1/4 of the pie is left.

    Q. If Eleanor had a cake, she cut it into eighths and then she ate 6 of the pieces, how much cake does she have left?

    A. 2 pieces (1/4 of 8)

    Those are just two examples of some word problems that could be the question to the answer of 1/4.

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