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Thanks Callum for the great photo of your Capacity Explorations.

What can you find at home which is measured by capacity? Good places to look are the kitchen pantry and the bathroom cupboard. Tell us what you found in your comment, with the name of the items and the measurement.

Feel like a challenge? Make a movie to show what you have discovered.

11 thoughts on “CAPACITY HUNT

  1. Soap
    ” I estimate that the soaps capacity is 250ml.

    rain catcher
    ” I estimate that the rain catchers capacity is 2000ml.

    Mum’s mixing bowl
    ” I estimate the capacity of of the mixing bowl’s dough is 550ml

  2. I found a large salad bowl and I estimate that its capacity is 2.5 L. And I also found a small jug. I estimate the capacity is 1.2 L.

  3. These are my capacity.
    Water jug: 2 litres of water.
    Milk bottle: 2 litres of milk.
    Water kettle: 1.70 litres.
    Ice cream tub: 2 litres of ice cream.
    Milk cartons: 2 litres of milk.
    Tomato sauce container: 2 litres of tomato sauce.

  4. Shampoo
    The capacity of the shampoo bottle is 700ml

    The capacity is 2L (like our classroom number)

    The capacity of mum’s deodorant is 250ml

    Dish wash liquid
    The capacity of the dish wash liquid is 532ml

  5. I measured the capacity of 5 different glasses in our kitchen. I estimated which had the least and greatest capacity and put them in order. I estimated how many millilitres they could hold. I was surprised at the results when I measured the capacity with a measuring jug. The smallest glass held 150mL and the largest held 475mL. I have emailed a picture.

  6. frankestien cup eatimate was 500ml actual 350
    bucket eatimate1000ml actual 1 litre
    measuring cup eatimate 350ml actual 350ml

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