This is a great activity to involve all your family members. How many parents, siblings and grandparents can you get to watch Professor Garfield with you?Watch this Garfield movie all about keeping safe online. In your comments, tell us:

  1. What is a YAPPY?
  2. Your opinion about sharing our exact locations with our #GRABilly buddies.

Weblink to the Professor Garfield movie here.



24 thoughts on “WHAT IS A ‘YAPPY’?

  1. I think a yappy is personal information. Never share your personal details on the internet. Don’t even let your friends know only you and your parents.

  2. My yappy is
    my name
    my address
    my password
    my phone number
    my plans
    I’m not going to tell you what they are, Ms Lockyer!

    I feel ok because they are good people.

    • You don’t want to tell your YAPPY with any one,
      And the garfeild good one Mrs Lockyer 😀😀😀!!!
      And Asha I agree with you.
      Make sure that no one not anyone steals your credit card or drivers licence.
      So your telling me to never to give out YAPPY on random internet pages

  3. Hi Ms Lockyer I thought that how we can share where our exact location is that instead of putting it on the blog we could make a card and send it to them by post. Because that way nobody will see it on the way only our #GRABilly friends.

  4. 1

    WHEN I do the blog #GRABilly where are you my brain hurt’s because you need to go on the internet and there are lots of different passages and then I don’t know where to go next.
    I will feel uncomfortable . I love doing the blog.

  5. YAPPY is your personal information such as:
    Your full name
    Phone number
    Your plans

    It makes us uncomfortable. We didn’t give our exact location because you are strangers to us. We need to be cautious and stay safe online.

    • Thank you for your reply Mrs Figueroa’s class. We are very glad to know that you feel the same way as us. We are now going to decide what to do with the information displayed in the comments on our blog. Do you have any suggestions?

    • year you don’t want to get in trouble with mum dad big brother big sister enyone it is inportent not to shere your YAPPY i fell uncofterble to

  6. I think a YAPPY is some things personal to your self like your phone number and your email-address. You should never tell any one your privet details like your full name! you can tell your friend your first name, but not your all of your name.

  7. Yappy is something bad to sharer because Strangers can E-mail you and say mean things they can also go online to stuff you might be working on and they will destroy it your perents get mad and you get bullied and since you don’t know them they can look up more privet info about you they tell there friends mean thing about you like wow his name is jon he should have a less babyish name like kevin all this happens because you shered your yappy STRANGER DANGER.

  8. a yappy is inportent info that you just cant say to enyone all most every game you need to type in your PASSWORD don’t do it don’t downlode games play with toys you don’t need to use yappy when you buy toys my claim is yappy is iportent info my support is our GRABILLY buddies are upset and worried about yappy and how carful we are online and my question is Why do we need Yappy and WHY is it inportent SRANGER DANGER is the Awnser

  9. A yappy is stuff that is personal for example
    your full name
    your password
    your address
    or your plans. I think we should email our GRAbilly buddies or do a private tweet rather than commenting and we should edit our comments because we feel uncomfortable about saying their exact location in our comments.

  10. it is fun to go on to lectronic divices but both games and Email include giving a bit of yappy if you want to get game or eny app you have to type your PASSWORD to get it

  11. Yappy is your personal information that other people online can use to find out who you are and where you are. I wouldn’t share my address online but it was okay to share where our school is with our buddies because that isn’t private.

    • But our school is a little bit privat because if we put it on the blog then someone else might go on to the blog and see what our school name is and at night they might go to our school and steel the computers like what happened to the library. But it is okay if you shaere it with our buddies because we know them but if you don’t know the person who your talking to on the internet don’t talk to them at all.

  12. You should never tell a stranger your plans. For example if you tell a stranger when you’re going on a holiday they can rob your house because they now that you’re not at home. You should also never tell a stranger your password because they can use your devices.

  13. I think a YAPPY is something you can’t share with
    people on the internet.Because there might be other things that can be tracked down to you.Then they can see all of your personal detail.Like your password, your address,your plans, name and phone number.Then if they know all of those things then they can choose what to do with it. Which is probably some thing bad. Like sending a text to you on the internet and say would you like to meet me behind the comic shop and meet me. And then he might come and get you and you won’t get to actuly get to see comic cat 12.and thats why I think that you should not be going on the internet and being silly with your YAPPY.

  14. Yappy is your full name, password, your plans, address, phone number and a Yappy is your personal information. You should not put this on Facebook the only thing my mum does is send it to her sisters and her mum.

  15. YAPPY is private information about me that I shouldn’t tell anyone on the Internet.

    I wouldn’t share my information with my GRABilly Buddies as I have not met them in person.

  16. a yappy is
    I think we should not go onto the internet and be silly about our personal information. because other strangers might blog you with any questions to find out your yappy. when i play some games on my mums phone they ask me if i want to link on to facebook and show everyone but i dont because I never know if someone might find out about my yappy.

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