Where In The World? No. 2


Can you find out the location where this photo was taken? Leave your answer in your comment. Tell me the exact location – either the street address or longitude/latitude. Also, tell me how you found out – which words did you use in your Google Search? What information in the photo was most meaningful?
EXTRA: Can you describe the shape of the building?

EXTRA EXTRA: Which landmark building is this near? You can see the reflection in the glass.


7 thoughts on “Where In The World? No. 2

  1. It is the new City of Perth library and history center next to the Perth Town Hall, fronting Hay Street, and is accessible from St Georges Terrace via the new Cathedral Square precinct. Opening in March 2016.

    The clue was the words City of Perth library in the photo with Opening soon. From there I searched for City of Perth library in Google Search.

    Circular structure.

    Located near the newly renovated Treasury Building and Cathedral. Think it is the Treasury Building in the reflection?


  2. This photo was taken at 573 Hay St, Perth. It is the new City of Perth Library (Opening 1st March 2016) It is behind Saint George’s Cathedral. I typed in the words City of Perth Library because I could see the faint words in the glass panels.

    • Thanks for your information Isabelle – you got the location right! Saint Georges Cathedral is one of the buildings close by. What makes you think this is the building in the reflection?
      Ms Lockyer

  3. exact location :31.9551_N_115.8612_E_

    this the new City of Perth Library. 573 hay street Perth.

    the useful information was that it said on the window `city of Perth library` and I knew it was the knew building because it said `coming soon`.and then I searched the City of Perth Library and it said 573 hay street in google.

    The building is circular.

    The land mark near by is Perth Town Hall.

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