Where In The World? No. 4


Can you discover this mystery location? Tell us how you found out. Did you use clues in the picture? If you used Ā online tools, tell which ones you used and any search terms that were helpful.

EXTRA: Can you find out more about why the sign asks us to slow down?

25 thoughts on “Where In The World? No. 4

  1. Is it Rous Head, Fremantle?

    I searched on Google for Fairy Terns Western Australia. I found information about the sanctuary that Fremantle Ports created for the fairy tern colony.

  2. Looking at the distribution of the fairy tern, has to be near the coast of southern Australia or NZ. Container ship cranes in the background, so must be near a major port. Portland?

  3. Our team discovered that this is in Fremantle. We think that it is in Fremantle because of the ships and containers that Alex has seen before and he has seen that sign before.

    We used google maps to get much more informationšŸ¤”

  4. We think we’re the sign is in North Fremantle because we have seen the construction behind the sign and picture and fairy ferns live in Perth.

  5. Our group discovered that this picture was taken in Fremantle. We think it was taken in Fremantle because the ships and containers were recognised by most of us.

    We used google map to get all of our informationšŸ¤”

    • Thanks for your comment, team. How did you discover the mystery location? Which clues in the picture were important? Which online tools did you use, and which search terms were useful?

  6. Fairy Tern chicks are a type of baby bird and it asks you to slow down because there might be some on the path/road. They do not want you to run over any. From google I think it might be in New Zealand.

    • Thanks for your comment, team. What made you think it might be in New Zealand? Could it be anywhere else? Hint: I took this photo! Who would need to slow down on the path/road? Can you work this out from Google Maps?

  7. I think fairy Tern chicks are a baby birds and they don’t want you to run over any also I think it is in Freo because I asked for some help from a 4S student and she said I THINK it is in Freo

    • Thanks for your comment Katie. It would be great if you could keep going on this mystery to find out the exact location. Is there a 3-word Google search you could now try? Which words on the sign might help you to work out why the sign asks us to slow down?

    • Katie, I forgot to mention in my reply to your comment – thank you very much for helping others join in your WITW group in Library class last week. I really appreciated it.

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