Where In The World 2020, No. 6


  1. Look closely at the photo. Name at least 3 features which might give you a clue about the location. Tell your teacher before going on to the next question.
  2. Tell us the suburb and city of this location.

EXTRA: Can you find out more about why the sign asks us to slow down?

EXTRA EXTRA: Why might this location be of significance to Ms Lockyer?

28 thoughts on “Where In The World 2020, No. 6

  1. I think it’s a type of bird called fairy tern chicks and they don’t want you to run over by any car machine.I think it’s in freo.

  2. Q1: the 3 things are the cranes crates and lights so it looks like a cargo shipment
    Q2: I think it is in Perth fremantle.
    Q3: the fairy tern chick walking there is the reason that the sigh says stop.

  3. 3 things that is a give away is that there are crane cargo and the sign it is near the inner harbor of Fremantle, Perth, WA. I think this is significant to Mrs locker because she lives near it. The baby tern chicks may be crossing and they might live near by.

    • Tnanks for your comment, team. I really love how you did two comments to add more information. LEVEL UP TIP: You can write a comment after your comment to help me read your information. Ask me how if you are not sure.

  4. i think this might be in fremantle because fremantle has cranes fremantle has ships fremantle has shiping containers and fremantle has a red parth

  5. 1. 3 things that I think are clues are the boxes meaning that it’s a harbour, the cranes and the sign that says ‘fairy tern chicks’ meaning that there has to be fairy tern chicks in the area.
    2. The picture is located in the Fremantle harbour, which is in Fremantle.
    Extra. I think that the sign says ‘slow down fairy tern chicks may be on path’ is so that the people don’t run over the birds because they are endangered.
    Extra Extra. Ms Lockyer rides her bike around this area for a 10 km ride.

  6. 3 things that is a give away is that there are crane cargo and the sign it is near the inner harbor of Fremantle, Perth, WA. The baby tern chicks may be crossing and they might live near by. It is significant because it is a 10 km bike ride for Ms Lockyer.

  7. 1. We think that 3 features are:
    a. The sign saying “Slow Down Fairy Turn
    Chicks May be on Path.”
    b. The CRANES in the background.
    2. All of these things have led us to believe that it is in a the city of Fremantle (which is also the suburb) because in Fremantle we have seen lot’s of SHIPPING CONTAINERS & CRANES at the port.

  8. 1. I see a sort of power generator behind the fence. I can also see a sign saying: SLOW DOWN FAIRY TERN CHICKS MAY BE ON PATH. Lastly I can also see some buildings that may be shops.
    2. I think that it could be at the fairy tern conservation in Fremantle.
    Extra: The sign is asking us to slow down because Fairy Terns might be crossing.

  9. I found this place to be on 6 Rous Head Road, North Fremantle Western Australia. The sign asks us to slow down because Fairy Tern is a breeding sanctuary for birds, and it doesn`t want us to hit the chickens or any other bird they have breeded. This place is of significance to Mrs Lockyer because her roots run deep there, and she has an important family connection, I think because the aboriginal side of her family were from Fremantle.

    • Thanks for your comment, Holly. LEVEL UP TIPS: Can you discover the meaning of the phrase ‘fairy tern’? Also, don’t forget to ask a real person in the research process, and not just the internet.

  10. 1. I think the location is Rous rd in North Fremantle Perth WA Australia.
    2. The sign asked you to slow down because there are is a breeding ground around there for chics and it is also a fairy turn.
    3. Maybe she wants to see the chicks. Not really sure.

  11. 1. A clue that We found was the sign, also the buildings behind the sign and the crane behind the buildings

    2. the city where this was taken was at Fremantle and the suburb is north Fremantle

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