Where In The World 2020 – 1

Can you work out the location of the statue in the photo? Look carefully for some detail in the environment which might help you.

Can you give the exact address or longitude and latitude? Let us know which words you used in a Google search, any other search apps you may have used, and which details in the photo helped you.

BONUS POINTS! Who is the person this statue represents? Why are the bird statues there? What is the connection between this statue and Bull Creek?

24 thoughts on “Where In The World 2020 – 1

  1. The picture is at the Willem De Vlamingh statue in Burswood Park. The swan is there because Willem De Vlamingh was the first European in Perth he entered through the Swan River.

    Co-ordinates = 31.9636° S, 115.8915° E

  2. That is a picture of swan river Burswood park.Right next to crown towers, 1 Camfield drive.

    By: Mini,Sue-ning,Sushree and Alicia

  3. it was taken at resort drive in burswood park
    in WA in the country of Australia and the coordinates are Lat: -31.962557 Long: 115.891379

    • I like you you put in the longitude and latitude. I really like how you included state and country: this is what is meant by SCALE, and it’s a really important concept in geography. Level Up tip: tell me which search terms or apps you used in finding your answers.

  4. In front of crown towers Perth 6100. The man is named Willem de valming and he is at the sighting of the black swan for the first time.

  5. That is a picture of Swan River. It is in Burswood Park and is next to Crown Towers. 6100, 1 Camfield drive.

  6. The stature is Willem de Vlamingh was a captain who explored the west coast of Australia. The statue is in Burswood park.

  7. this is part of the burswood park heritage trail. We closed up on the sign and it said willem de vlamingh. when we searched this up we found the statue!

    By Nicola And Evelyn

    • I love how you looked carefully on the sign! Level-Up tips: Read the questions carefully to work out what information is required. Type your names in the field when commenting, otherwise you are listed as ANONYMOUS. Use capital letters for proper nouns, such as people’s names and place names.

  8. The statue is of Willem de vlamingh and is found on 1 camfield drive. the swan is there for because it is at the SWAN river

  9. The address is: 1 Camfield drive next to Swan River, Burswood Park 6100 WA, Australia.

    The Staue in next to the lake next to swan river
    the Staues name is :Williem De Flamiing

    • Thanks, team. Your answer has most of the important details. LEVEL UP TIP: Zoom out on Google Maps or Google Earth to check if it is a lake, or some other type of body of water.

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